Top quality karaoke amp benefit from Yamaha’s long audio experience to deliver clear, sweet sound that is ideal for singers’ voices. No worries about distortion of howling, and they feature great Echo Modes.

  • Yamaha EEEngine amplifier technology provides high power and sound quality, with low power consumption
  • High output power of 200W x 2
  • Yamaha Howling Canceller uses digital sound processing to minimize howling while retaining natural sound quality
  • Normal, Wide and Spacious Echo Modes (REV100 Karaoke Echo)
  • Music Out preouts for high quality 4-channel use
  • Four large rotary-encoder knobs with LEDs on volume knob
  • Convenient inputs (5 mic/4 audio/3 video)



雅马哈的功率放大器和音像,被大量音乐场所,音乐厅现场和录音棚采用。 雅马哈沿袭一直以来的专业音响制造品质,我们专门为歌唱爱好者开发了出色的卡拉OK系统,这套的卡拉OK系统带给您的不仅仅是满意,更多的是超值和惊喜。

Choice of 3 Great Echo Modes

Yamaha’s exclusive Echo Modes, the same as Karaoke Echo on the legendary REV100 Digital Reverberator.

The sound is full and dynamic, and the left-right delay time gives a wider stereo effect than ordinary echo. The KMA-1080 offers a choice of Normal, Wide and Spacious Echo.

With Echo Modes, every song and every singer sounds great!






Active Howling Canceller

Annoying howling sounds are a thing of the past, thanks to Yamaha’s Active Howling Canceller.

It automatically limits howling without affecting the vocals, so is convenient and improves sound quality.

Music Out Preout for Greater Clarity

Unlike the usual four-channel output that mixes the Vocal and Music signals in each channel, this amplifier can output the Vocal signal and Music signal separately.

This allows a four-speaker system with different Vocal and Music channels, so you enjoy stereo Vocal with clearer sound quality.

Four-Gang Rotary Encoder Knobs

The large control knobs are four-gang rotary encoder types, ensuring smooth, responsive operation with a professional feel.

The volume knob has LED number indications, so it is easy to see in a room with low lighting.

Convenient Input Jacks

The KMA-1080 has 3 front and 2 rear mic inputs, and 2 speaker terminals.

In addition, it provides 4 audio and 3 video inputs.

KMA-1080 KMA-1080
主要技术规格 KMA-1080
输出功率 200W*2
话筒输入端口 3前,2后
音频输入端口 4/3
音箱输出端口 2组
前〜输出端口 1
效果模式 3(标准、宽广、混合)
总谐波失真 0.1%
分频点 2.5kHz/15kHz
外观尺寸(宽 x 高 x 深) 435*150*416mm
重置 11.3KG
Name 中文 English
KMA-1080/KMA-980 Owner's Manual [2.4MB] [2.1MB]
Name English English
Data Sheet (KMA-980, KMA-1080) [631KB]