VXS 系列 "M model"

Blurs the lines between audio and interior design

An elegant environment depends on more than just décor and lighting. Sound plays a vital role as well. VXS series “M” models combine sophisticated sound and design in compact surface-mount speakers that will make a significant contribution to the most refined, elegant spaces.

While the sound of some compact speaker systems is a compromise, the innovative VXS series “M” models are designed in every detail, from driver to enclosure, to deliver the finest possible sound quality in the smallest possible space. Graceful curves define a tasteful form that will blend beautifully in any interior.

The key to extraordinary sonic performance is a small 1.5-inch full-range driver unit. Technology and expertise accumulated over 50 years of speaker development and production has been liberally applied in a speaker that delivers exceptional clarity and astonishing musical realism.

First you’ll be surprised by this speaker’s looks, and then by its extraordinary sound.

VXS 系列 "M model"

VXS series “M models” combine sophisticated sound and design in compact surface-mount speakers that will make a significant contribution to the most refined, elegant spaces.


VXS1MLB / VXS1MLW 墙面安装扬声器

Full-range compact surface mount speaker with a 1.5" driver

  • Newly developed 1.5-inch full-range driver unit
  • Wide 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion
  • Compact 62mm x 62mm form blends unobtrusively with any décor
  • Dedicated wall/ceiling mount hardware supplied
  • Black and white models available
  • Packaging single
  • Paintable enclosures and grilles


Ceiling Mount Adapter for VXS series “M model”.


Rail Mount Adapter for VXS series “M model”.

Optimized for Background Music

Background music reproduction requires uniform dispersion, uniform frequency response, and optimum sound pressure level for the space. The VXS Series M model has been designed specifically for BGM applications, and satisfies all of the above conditions to the highest degree. Broad 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion delivers uniformly accurate frequency response throughout the coverage area, providing sound so natural that the listener might be fooled into believing it is a live musical performance.

High-performance Full-range Driver

The VXS1ML features a newly developed compact 1.5-inch full-range driver with a powerful neodymium magnet. This innovative driver has been painstakingly designed to achieve remarkably detailed, realistic reproduction of musical waveforms. The entire system has been fine-tuned to deliver top-quality sound in a surprisingly compact, lightweight unit.

A Sublime Blend of Function and Elegance

In addition to being packed into the smallest possible dimensions to minimize visual impact, the VXS1ML boasts smoothly flowing lines that allow it to blend unobtrusively with just about any interior décor. The VXS1ML brings together the best of both worlds: outstanding sound and sophisticated visual appeal.

Mounting Options for Any Interior

The VXS series M model is prepared many type of brackets, and corresponds to various installation according to the application.

Included bracket

The VXS series M model is supplied with hardware for easy wall and ceiling surface mounting.

Ceiling mound adapter

Optional CMA1MB and CMA1MW ceiling mount adapters are available for flush ceiling or wall installation that makes the speakers even less visible.

Rail mount adapter

Optional RMA1MB rail mount adapter that allows spotlight-like mounting on a lighting rail.

* Referring to the illustration below, the RMA1MB can be used with lighting rails in which dimension A is greater than 1.5mm and less than 6.0mm, and dimension B is greater than 3mm.

Compact Subwoofer Option for Luxurious Bass

In situations where more substantial low end is required, the compact VXS3S subwoofer is a perfect match for the VXS1ML. Featuring original SR-Bass™ technology, the VXS3S delivers big bass performance in a unit that is no larger that a compact surface-mount full-range speaker. The VXS3S has satellite connectors for direct, simple setup with VXS series “M” models, plus optimum sonic balance.

A VXS1ML Plus VXS3S Satellite System:

The satellite connectors built into the VXS3S allow easy connection to VXS1ML speakers while simultaneously providing optimum playback balance.

Speaker type Full-range, acoustic suspension type
Frequency range (-10dB) 180Hz-20kHz
Nominal coverage H 170°
V 170°
Components LF-HF 1.5" Cone
Power rating NOISE 5W
Nominal impedance
SPL Sensitivity (1W; 1m on axis) 79dB SPL *1
Peak (Calculated) 92dB SPL *2
I/O connectors Euroblock (2 pin) × 1
Finish VXS1MLB: Black (approximate value: Munsell N3), VXS1MLW: White (approximate value: Munsell N9)
Dimensions W 62mm (2.4") *3
H 62mm (2.4") *3
D 82mm (3.2") *3
Net weight 0.17 kg (0.37 lbs) *3
Accessories Wall/Ceiling Bracket
Packaging Packaged each
Certificate NFPA70, CE, RoHS

Commercial Installation Solutions

System Examples Catalog

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